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Renport® offers onboard and onshore Super Fast 4G LTE and 4G unlimited data Wi-Fi packages for mobile internet, music and movie streaming connectivity, along with many more packages to take onboard to enhance your yacht charter vacation with more excitement and fun!
When planning your next bareboat, flotilla or crewed charter, you may wish to rent a package for mobile Super Fast 4G LTE or 4G unlimited internet, music, movies and more to take onboard your yacht to provide the comforts of home at sea!

Portable lifestyle.

Whether you wish to stay in touch with friends, family or your office by mobile telephone or sending and receiving e-mail; check the latest weather reports; plan your itinerary with electronic charts; watch a movie with dinner; play a game; listen to your favorite music; have a brewed cup of espresso or cappuccino or blended mix drink and enjoy the sunset, we have a package just for you!

Our unique packages include portable products which provide you with communications, navigation, entertainment and more while on charter.

featured packages

Our new Super Fast 4G LTE router package and our renown 4G router package both creates a Wi-Fi hotspot aboard your yacht. Just bring your own laptops, tablets, smartphones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect multiple users. For a flat rate you can surf and stream unlimited during your charter. Coverage is everywhere in the British Virgin Islands.
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Our new wireless bluetooth hub connectivity package to play music from your iPod, iPad, laptop, tablet or smartphone on yacht speakers. Connect upto eight (8) devices and pair three (3) at a time to instantly pause and play music selections at anytime and at anyplace onboard the yacht.

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Our new Espresso machine package will be a great addition for yachts with generators. Brew your favourite cups of coffee, espresso or cappuccino. Choose from a wide assortment of tastes for anytime of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Comes packaged in an ice cooler bag for beach trips.

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Our new sail plus package may just be the package for you. A laptop or tablet plus 4G Wi-Fi router for connecting other Wi-Fi enabled devices for unlimited internet access. Watch DVD movies, send and receive e-mail, listen to music, access the internet, and optionally navigate with electronic charts on specifically configured notebooks including a power inverter.
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Our newly revamped Wave Plus Pak has the music and movies all in one place. An iPod or portable MP3 Video player; library of seven or latest release and more movies plus a music library or 2,000 songs. Includes a wave sound pak to play music on yacht speakers; a wave scene cable to connect to TV to wactch movies and power pak.
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Our most sort after blender plus package is a great addition for your charter, even for yachts with generators. A 12V DC Blender plus a 300 watts power inverter with dual outlets for charging electronics devices. Comes packaged in an ice cooler bag which can be used for daily trips ashore to the beach.

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