mobile services

Renport® Mobile Services communications provider is Digicel.

Mobile Calling Plans - Pay As You Go - Simply pay in advance for what usage you need ($20, $40, $60 or $80)¹.
Local Rates and Features

Per minute rate

On net (mobile or fixed)                                                                            20c

Off net (to other operator)                                                                      20c

International text messages                                                                    20c

Picture messages                                                                                        50c

Incoming calss                                                                                             free

Voicemail retrieval                                                                                     free

Caller id                                                                                                         free

Call waiting                                                                                                  free

* All calls are billed per second
International rates

Mobile calling rates                                                                                  Peak         Off Peak

United Staes Virgin Islands                                                                       25c             20c

US, UK² and Canada                                                                                    25c             20c

Rest of the World                                                                                        45c             40c

Day: Peak times Mon-Sun 6am-8pm. Off Peak times Mon-Sun 8pm-6am.

There are no refunds for unused plan and overage credit remaining on mobile phone.
² Fixed lines only

Communication services and rates are subject to the Terms and Conditions as published on Digicel's British Virgin Islands website. Copyright Digicel.  All Rights reserved.