What we Offer

We provide mobile unlimited 4G Wi-Fi internet hotspots, mobile and smart phones with very low rates for calling your friends, family or office while you are on charter; and you can make free calls to your charter company for service and emergency.

We also provide a range of galley products such as Espresso and Capuccino machines, blenders and coffeemakers.

We supply power inverters, power converters and power transformers to keep your electronics charged and powered.

We offer notebooks, tablets, and numerous smart devices should you leave home without them for your charter.

We aim to provide the charter vacationer with a very high standard of courteous, friendly and professional services.

Service Offerings

We provide full customer services for the rental registration, packages delivery, installation and orientation onboard your yacht. We also provide service calls for repairs, trouble shooting including prodcut replacement throughout your charter.

We are strategically situated on the bases of major charter companies for expeditious delivery and pickup of our packages for your charter. We also have in office services including internet access, printing, facsimile and other services.